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Addictology / Study of addictions

The GHU Paris has several care centers specialized in the study and treatment of addictions. They are accessible to all Parisians from teenagers, without sector constraint. The care is given within several different structures: Centre de Soins, d’Accompagnement et de Prévention et Addictologie (CSAPA), Centre d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement à la Réduction des risques pour Usagers de Drogues (CAARUD), hospitalization units, Centre Médico-Psychologique…

Armed with its expertise developped within its 4 addictology departments, the GHU Paris gives an answer to the people suffering from an addiction problem, whether it is an addiction to alcohol, cannabis, synthesized products, videogames, sex or addictive behaviors like anorexia or binge drinking.

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