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In Psychiatry

Support graduated and coordinated: the proximity to specialist care.

Most of the public services of Psychiatry are sectorialized. All french departments are divided into geographical areas known as 'sectors' (for about 70,000 inhabitants). For each sector, the same team ensures all psychiatric care, prevention and social reintegration, for the people living in this area. I.e., by place of residence, a mental health team is available closer to home, in case of need.

Each sector of psychiatry has several places of care: medical and psychological centre (CMP), part-time therapeutic visitor centre (CATTP), day hospital (HDJ), crisis center, home of after-care, specialized consultation and hospitalization unit.

The centre-medical-psychological (CMP) is the unmissable venue for support.

To meet a psychiatrist or psychiatrist doctor, any person may apply to the nearest Centre Medico-psychologique from his home. CMP, patients are exempted from advance medical expenses. The first assessment is carried out by a nurse (era) which directs, if necessary, to a psychiatrist. That works in conjunction with a professional multi team, composed of nurses, social workers, psychologists, medical secretaries, and other specialized professionals.

According to the State of health of the patient, the doctor can offer:

  • a follow-up to the CMP;
  • hospitalization full time;
  • hospitalization in day hospital.


In an emergency, the home and emergency services of hospitals, and crisis centres or the Center Psychiatry Orientation and hospitality welcome people support people whose state of health requires rapid intervention. They are in relation to public psychiatry services to ensure continuity of support.

Specialty treatments are available on medical indication. Doctor psychiatry or psychiatrist can prescribe specific therapies such as family therapy, behavioural and cognitive therapy, analytic therapy, or orient towards specialized consultation (disturbance of feeding behaviour, help to parenthood…). These consultations are only available on medical indication after an assessment to the CMP.

The addiction

The CHT has specialized in addiction care in several places. They are available to all Parisians, without conditions of sectorisation. Care of accompaniment and Prevention in Addictology welcome, inform, direct any person having difficulties because of an addiction and his entourage. The CSAPA performs medical, psychological and social assessment, provides medical and psychological support, as well as social and educational support to conquer or regain its autonomy. They also provide a mission to reduce the risks and damage. Some CSAPA also offer consultations specialized consultations young consumers, prevention activities, training and research, support addictions without substance and direction of persons in custody or prison leavers interventions.

A centre of excellence in neuroscience: Neuro-Sainte-Anne

Neuro-Sainte-Anne, Pole of neuroscience, Paris Descartes University, ensures use care in all diseases related to the nervous system.

  • Neurovascular: treatment and prevention of stroke in unit neuro vascular remedies, treatment of aneurysms and vascular malformations by Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Neuro-Oncology: treatment of brain and spinal cord tumours (surgery, radiosurgery)
  • Epileptology: Taking multi-disciplinary of epilepsy and surgical treatment-resistant epilepsy.
  • Surgery of the spine: simple degenerative spine (herniated disc) and complex (scoliosis, tumor)
  • Neurology memory and language: diagnostic and therapeutic results for patients with cognitive impairment
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation: support to neurological orientation in full hospitalization or day hospital
  • Pain: Pain chronic and rebellious, neurostimulation magnetic and surgical treatment
  • Abnormal movements and Parkinson's disease: deep brain stimulation, botulinum toxin

Neuro-Sainte-Anne is a collaborative research in connection with the Centre of Psychiatry and Neurosciences and has 4 hospitals calling services.

Training Centre, it also provides training for the medical interns, and offers many DU/IUD.

Teams of Neuro-Sainte-Anne welcomes the emergencies of Vascular Neurology, neurosurgery and Interventional Neuroradiology of island of France and propose multi-disciplinary support with access to MRI 7/7, 24/24.

The imaging department offers advice of expertise and action remotely through the development of TV imagery.

Consultations in neuroscience du Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne are installed to the Pierre Janet building 2 c rue d ' Alésia.

To make an appointment our teams are at your disposal at 01 45 65 62 00